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Photovoltaic solar energy

CTIBA SL, together with the company expert in the renewable energy sector, Son Picornell Renovables realize key-turn projects in both photovoltaic solar energy and termic energy, with more than 400 projects done. From the financial budget and viability of the investment to the maintenance of the installation, to always obtain the desired efficiency. Ask for a study without commitment.

What is Photovoltaic solar energy?

Solar radiation reaches the module, which produce electricity by the photovoltaic effect as direct current (DC). This DC is converted to AC (alternating current) and injected to the grid. In that way, we get the sunlight, inexhaustible source, free, fair and cost-effectively. Taking advantage of a few square meters so far had no use..

Advantages of the Photovoltaic solar energy

Advantages of Photovoltaic solar energyThere are many advantages of a photovoltaic system. Besides helping the environment in reducing CO2 emissions, will be taking advantage of a surface which is not taking any performance

You can reach between 80 / 100% financing with your bank. Leasing to 15 years.

Video of the conference organized by and the Chamber of Commerce: "How to achieve competitiveness with sustainable concepts in luxury spas

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